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"The last time I checked, and this was a few years ago, there were approximately 29,000 licensed insurance agents in Harris County. Now, why you should you buy from me, over one of the other 28,000? I want to be your one-stop resource. Whether we're talking about long-term care, whether we're talking about disability, whether we're talking about dental, medical, life.... my job is to be your one-stop resource, instead of having to have an agent for your life, an agent for your health, an agent for your dental." Ben Keel Jr.

Click to listen to what Ben's grandfather taught him about honesty:

Ben Keel Jr. is certainly one of the most qualified insurance agents you'll ever meet. Take a look around this Web site and you'll see how that's true. But at the end of the day, perhaps the greatest reason why you should call on Ben for your insurance needs is his absolute trustworthiness, and dedication to the needs of his clients. Call him today at 281-392-2900, or toll free: 1-877-Ben-Keel
Katy Insurance
Ben is serving as past President of the Houston Association of Health Underwriters, one of the largest chapters in the nation, and often visits with legislators in Austin, and in Washington D.C. Click to listen:

W. Ben Keel, III, BBA, CFP™, ChFC™ was named as one of the Top Financial Planners in the Nation by Consumers' Research Council of America in 2008. After receiving this honor, Ben decided it was time to move back home to Katy Texas and work with his father in his financial firm - Financial & Insurance Consultants. Ben attended elementary through high school in the Katy Area and earned his Eagle Scout in Katy at the age of 13. Ben has clients located in Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Kansas, Arizona and California.

"One of the comments I heard from many of my clients is that they didn't like the idea of going to a downtown office with everyone in suits, they felt it was too stuffy and too uptight feeling. Therefore, my goal is to create a casual office environment where I want the clients to relax and become part of our family."